Bullying, Harassment and Anti-discrimination Awareness – Training for Employees

Bullying, Harassment and Anti-discrimination Awareness

Training for Employees.

Course overview:

Awareness of the key principles of equal employment opportunity, including legislation on anti-bullying, is a critical first step in equipping all your employees with an understanding of the role they have in preventing and reporting incidents.

The course sets out ways to identify, deal with and ultimately prevent bullying, harassment and discrimination in a manner that fosters positive workplace behaviour while aligning to best practice.


  • EEO basics; legislation, anti-bullying guidelines and discrimination laws
  • What is discrimination in the workplace?
  • Understanding and identifying bullying and harassment behaviours
  • What does and does not constitute bullying and harassment?
  • Dealing with bullying and harassment; key skills
  • Recap/key-take away

Learning outcomes:

  • Awareness of applicable legislation, including individual responsibilities and rights
  • Awareness and understanding of unlawful discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • Understanding the importance each employee has to contributing to a safe workplace
  • Tool kit to manage and resolve issues around difficult conversations


One-day course, led by a specialist facilitator encompassing group and individual activities. Workbooks and resources will be supplied.

Duration and participants:

One day, minimum five (5) participants. 


Mark Lipkin – Senior Associate, The Geelong Consulting Group


+61 448 452 970