Do you dream of your ideal business?

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Do you dream of your ideal business?

When you’re in your car and finding your way to a new destination, before you start driving you need to know three essential things:

  • where you are now
  • where you want to go; and,
  • how to get there.

What you need is a strategy!

The same goes for running a successful business. How can you expect to drive change that will result in greater profits and efficiencies if you don’t:

  • understand how your business currently works
  • know what you want to achieve
  • understand the changes you need to make to achieve your goal.

Without a strategy your business will probably stay in a reactive state with you chasing opportunities and solving problems as they arise. As you might imagine, continually chasing and solving gets tiring after a while.  Before you know it you’re just another exhausted small business owner that’s not achieving the income that the effort deserves.

Instead, you need to stop chasing and give yourself the time to take an objective look at your business. Stop to consider:

  • Who are we?
  • What do we do?
  • What are our business values?
  • Why are we here? What value do we aim to give to our customers?

Do that and you’re a long way to establishing the ‘where you are now’ information that you need to know before you move forward.

Next imagine what you’d like your business to be – in your ideal world. What sort of turnover? How many staff? What types of clients? In what premises? What sort of income? Give yourself the freedom to dream the ‘what if’ and you’ll soon understand where you want to take your organisation.

Lastly, what change do you need to implement to achieve your ideal business? What are the key areas of your business that your need to adjust? That’s the ‘how’ part of the strategy equation.

The problem is, most business owners are so busy ‘doing’ that they either don’t have the time to stop and analyse these questions, or they lack the objectivity to come up with the right answers. That’s why a business coach or mentor can be the essential key to developing a valid strategy.

Can you truly be objective when you look at your business’ strengths and weaknesses? Are you able to see the true potential of your business? Do you have the ability to instigate change in staff attitudes? Do you have the expertise to see the changes you need to make to achieve your ‘ideal business’.

In all likelihood, the answer to most of these questions will be “no”.

Do yourself a favour: breathe, look inward and give yourself permission to imagine your ideal business. And one more thing – don’t be afraid to ask for help to achieve it.