Effective Performance Management

Effective Performance Management

Bring out the best in everyone.

Course overview:

Managing employee performance is not only an ongoing requirement of People Leaders but an expectation in delivering against organisational strategy. This course provides best practice techniques for developing, mentoring, goal setting and maintaining high performance standards for all employees.


  • Performance management versus performance appraisals; how do I invest in ongoing performance now to get better results?
  • The manager’s role in setting the “right” environment
  • Approaching difficult conversations and planning for constructive dialogue
  • Managing under-performance; performance improvement plan or informal performance coaching?
  • Using dynamic feedback strategies to develop high performers

Learning outcomes:

  • Having the appropriate tool-kit to manage ongoing performance of staff
  • Understanding how to create the right environment to get better performance results
  • Being able to have a difficult conversations around under-performance
  • Understanding how to draft, agree, implement and close-out a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
  • Enhancing performance through dynamic feedback; from good to great!


One-day course, led by a specialist facilitator encompassing group and individual activities. Workbooks and resources will be supplied.

Duration and participants:

One day, minimum five (5) participants.


Mark Lipkin – Senior Associate, The Geelong Consulting Group


+61 448 452 970