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Robin Miles

Managing Partner

Robin is a strategist and high performance coach, working with individuals, teams, businesses and organisations to improve performance through collaboration, strategic planning, business strategy, facilitation and coaching.

He has more than 15 years’ experience in the visionary leadership of teams and has excelled in collaboration and relationship development. Robin has a diverse background working in the private, government, not-for-profit and military sectors and has worked in numerous locations around the world.

Robin is a chartered engineer and graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, bringing a strategic approach from the boardroom to operational implementation. He has the ability in complex situations to foster a common understanding amongst diverse stakeholders to develop a strategic approach to achieve outstanding results.

Robin continues to lecture at Deakin University School of Law and provides training/consulting services to global clients in the areas of collaboration, negotiation and positive influence.

Stephanie Asher BA, Dip Mgt, FAIM

Managing Partner

Stephanie is a well-regarded senior strategist who achieves measurable outcomes through the design of innovative, practical initiatives. An acknowledged specialist in sustainability strategy, annual reporting and brand and organisational positioning, Stephanie is well-versed in managing within complex public, private and not-for-profit environments, working with Boards, Chief Executives and key stakeholders, including Ministers.

A 25 year career in public relations and management consulting incorporates onsite roles and long-term relationships with clients including BHP Billiton, GE Money, MMG Limited, Australia Post, Yarra Valley Water, Deakin University, Australian Institute of Management, Committee for Geelong and many more.

As a powerful people leader who grows individual and organisational capability, Stephanie has a personal passion for generating long-term ethical approaches to living and working, specifically promoting the benefits of using ‘collective intelligence’ to create sustainable business models.

A regular radio commentator and former News Corp columnist, Stephanie is a polished media performer and keynote, with a depth of experience and knowledge that appeals to a broad audience range. Stephanie is a former director of Barwon Regional Waste Management Group and Bethany Community Support and a current committee member of the Ocean Grove SLSC and the Committee for Geelong.

Adrian Hart

Program Manager

Adrian Hart is an experienced executive and consultant with capabilities in strategy, project planning and delivery, procurement, business improvement, risk management and technology. Adrian has built his diverse experience in senior roles and board positions across a range of different sectors including health, financial services, retail, agribusiness and not for profit.

In addition to a strong program management track record, Adrian has an impressive depth and breadth of experience in strategy and project planning. Adrian’s skills also include delivering the operational plans to ensure that the organisation completes the activities that deliver the strategy.

Adrian holds a Masters of Business, is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and currently a Board member of not for profit organisation Leisure Networks.

Andrea Appleby

Strategic Communications

Andrea Appleby has more than 25 years’ experience working in media, public relations, internal and corporate communications across State and Local Government, not-for-profits, professional and technical service industries, as well as operating a consultancy since 2008.

Andrea knows how to communicate and energise others. Her strengths include developing relationships and engaging stakeholders for knowledge sharing and business development.

She is passionate about how people communicate, how leaders lead and connecting the right people to co-create.

Andrea’s expertise includes: strategic communications and engagement strategy between and across the different tiers of government; community engagement in large-scale government infrastructure projects and places development; analysis of internal communications function and employee engagement; organisational development in partnership with HR and leadership teams; digital transformation and change management in organisations; women’s leadership and gender equality strategy and flexibility in organisations; coaching executives in confidence and connecting; business development and audits/strategy of client relationships.

With an extensive network, Andrea is the Melbourne host of the global Professional Women’s Lunches and a member of Women’s International Networking (WIN).

Brad Clarke

Facilitation and Training

Brad Clarke has more than a decade of experience working within and leading large welfare and community oriented teams and programs. He has significant experience and qualifications in workplace training, vocational education, strategic planning and team development across the government, corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

Brad’s client history includes SME manufacturers, health services and peak bodies; creating high performance executive and organisational culture, strategic direction and sustainability. Brad’s skills include developing and delivering workshop tools to effectively engage participants and identify key issues, themes and opportunities.

Brad’s passion for community growth and leadership underpins his work with individuals and teams to promote strong, sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders. He held a significant role in supporting the recovery efforts of rural communities destroyed by the Nepal Earthquakes in April 2015.

Working alongside international NGOs including Save The Children, Brad successfully focused efforts on re-establishing key infrastructure such as schools, community health posts and potable water. Brad’s experience in working with the Nepali people spans more than 15 years and his ability to create connections and build key relationships across government, support agencies and local community stakeholders has had significant positive impact in the district of Baguwa, Gorkha.

James Rolton

Voice and Communication Skills

James Rolton established himself as a voice therapist offering a unique approach to business consulting that focuses on voice and presentation skills to enhance business communication capabilities. His work is the culmination of a lifelong commitment to his love of communication and expression. James’ unique approach combines skills acquired from many years of theatre training with scientific, evidence-based Speech Pathology to treat a wide range of voice issues and disorders.

Clients enjoy improved efficiency and clear, effective interpersonal communication, which enhances business relationships and leadership opportunities. James provides vocal health and maintenance education, presentation and public speaking skills training, projection and confident speaking lessons, accent modification and breathing and relaxation strategies.

Effective leadership communication is key to successful career progression and James understands the universal need to be heard, understood and recognised. A voice that is confident, reliable, that performs under pressure gives people the freedom to express themselves clearly and precisely.

James graduated from the Ballarat Arts Academy in 2004, having performed in numerous shows while also studying theatre, professional acting and theatrical voice production. Following several years teaching English in Japan and assisting clients with accent modification, on his return to Australia James completed a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Speech Pathology.

Now a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist, James is a proud member of the Corporate Speech Pathology Network and director of Geelong Voice Therapy.

Damien O’Malley

Leadership Development

Damien O’Malley is a facilitator, consultant and executive coach specialising in people and strategy capability enhancement, leadership development, transformational change and culture development.

Damien has more than 20 years’ experience as a human resources strategist in a wide range of leading customer service organisations across a range of industries including.

With a focus that is always on aligning strategy and people, Damien has recently led the vision and facilitation of the planning process for an international specialist recruitment business and Family Services Department of large regional council.

He also has current experience with the development and facilitation of integrated leadership & culture programs for clients in retail, hospitality, legal and rural health.

Other specific engagements include:

  • Delivery of behaviour and culture development workshops for national accounting, non-for profit organisations and health insurance firms.
  • Delivery of leadership and culture programs in oil and gas industry in Australia, Azerbaijan, Scotland, Indonesia, America and Denmark.
  • Provision of executive coaching for senior managers within water utilities, road authority and shopping centre industries.
  • Facilitation of team effectiveness programs for senior leadership teams in national freight, retail, hospitality and club industries.
  • Research and delivery of comprehensive Health Needs Assessment report for regional health service as input to strategic planning process.

Jayne Parker

Change Management

Jayne Parker brings an authentic and engaging approach to organisations, leaders and individuals wanting to make change.  With 20 years’ experience in change management, Jayne is a leadership and personal coach. Using the brain-based results coaching approach by the NeuroLeadership Institute, which is based on the neuroscience, positive psychology and growth mindset fields, she has also developed a unique 360 assessment, coaching and development program for Change Leaders to understand the personal behaviours they bring to the table and improve how they lead change with their teams.

Jayne has worked in HR, organization development, operations and project change leadership roles for retail, energy, telco, digital, hospitality and management consulting organisations.  Her roles included improving service delivery, designing new operating models and leading teams in transitioning to new ways of working. She has worked at a PMO and change program level, managing teams of Change Project Managers on process and technology projects and she has also delivered a variety of engagement, culture and capability improvement solutions for organisations.

Focused on accountability and outcomes, Jayne is known for getting people involved to shape where they need to be and for helping them set the measures and expectations of their own success. She is a facilitator of change and has spent many years supporting and coaching people in adapting to and leading change.

Jayne holds a first class Honours degree in Marketing and a Masters of Philosophy in Retail.  She is trained in the Brain-Based Results Coaching Approach from The NeuroLeadership Institute, Discovery Learning’s Change Styles Indicator, CEB (formerly SHL) psychometric testing, Kotter’s Leading Bold Change and the PDCA process improvement methodology.

Jem Fuller

Mindfulness and Leadership

Jem brings a professional and accessible approach to the education and training of leaders – from front line through to middle and senior levels – in critical capabilities for exceptional performance. He also provides great benefit on a personal level by offering highly effective mindset strategies, assisting individuals to perform at their optimum levels in any pursuit.

Jem’s specialist expertise is in Mindful Leadership, executive and personal coaching, developing and delivering transformational programs for leaders and teams, eDISC Behavioural Profiling, and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Jem has a professional background in senior leadership with a multi-national retail/wholesale service provider, front line leadership in retail and construction, high-end sales, international teaching, one-to-one coaching and one-to-many facilitation.

On a personal level, his thirst for experience and knowledge has been the driving force to travel the world extensively and immerse himself in a wide range of cultures, creating a rich life experience. His unique passion and flair for communicating learnt life skills and success strategies, translates to value for leaders in both corporate and community based demographics.

Jorja Millar

Social Planning

Jorja Millar is driven to generate opportunities and build connections across spectrums and improve peoples lives. With formal training and significant practical experience in family and community mediation, health and social impact assessment, workshop facilitation, research and policy analysis and community engagement and consultation across regional and rural Victoria, Jorja also has 20 years experience in management and consulting roles. She has significant experience in process-driven environments spanning education, early childhood, health, community services and development in local and state government, and the not-for-profit sector.

Jorja’s approach is strengths based, conceptual and solution-focused and she has a great capacity to unite theory, evidence and practice. Through facilitating innovation, insight and partnerships Jorja builds connections between children, families, communities, the environment, places and spaces creating healthier towns and cities and a more diverse, vibrant, innovative economy.

Jorja has a BA in Social Science/Legal Studies from La Trobe University, a Post Graduate in Education (Primary and Secondary) from Deakin University and is currently undertaking her Masters in Planning (Healthy Cities) at Deakin University.

Jorja specialises in Planning for Healthy Cities, Life Long Learning and Community Capacity Building through leadership, innovation, career-re entry and nature contacts. Her consultancy projects demonstrate exceptional strategic, relationship and community capacity building skills in particular community leadership and governance models. Jorja has a strong commitment to gender equity which she understands to be an issue of balance of work-life balance and workforce flexibility.

Jorja has a BA in Social Science/Legal Studies from La Trobe University, a Post Graduate in Education (Primary and Secondary) from Deakin University and is currently undertaking her Masters in Planning (Healthy Cities) at Deakin University.

Jorja has formal training and significant practical experience in family and community mediation, health and social Impact assessment, workshop facilitation, research and policy analysis and community engagement and consultation across regional and rural Victoria. Jorja has 20 years experience in process driven environments spanning Educational, Early Childhood, Health, Community Services and Development in Local and Sate Government and Not for Profit Sectors with 10 years experience in Management and Consultant roles

Jorja’s approach is strengths based, conceptual and solution focused and she has a great capacity to unite theory, evidence ad practice.

Kevin Larkins B Ed, M Ed

Facilitation and Leadership Strategy

Kevin has spent over 30 years in the health and welfare industry as a CEO and senior executive working in Victoria, Northern Territory and Western Australia. He has had the opportunity to build effective organisations, leading both large and small, regional and central, community-based and acute hospital-centred administrations.

Kevin is a highly experienced facilitator and trainer with over 500 hours of group facilitation and training, as well as more than 500 hours of executive and life coaching. He has also been involved in the development and delivery of national leadership programs for over 10 years and facilitated strategic planning with a wide range of community-based organisations around Australia. Kevin has also consulted to a range of Boards on governance and related matters.

From 2011-2016 Kevin built a business “Leading Australia” in executive coaching and leadership development, working with CEOs and Executive teams developing the skills necessary to work effectively as a team. During that period he worked with a number of organisations in the Barwon region and provided input to the suite of Committee for Geelong leadership programs.

Kevin has been involved as a Volunteer Surf Life Saver both in Western Australia and Victoria. His role in Surf Life Saving has encompassed, Club President and State Director of Lifesaving. Nationally he has served on the SLSA Board as National Director for Development and is currently the Chair of the National Education and Development Advisory Committee.

Thomas Banks

Disability Awareness Training

Thomas Banks has a broad range of professional experience working in the disability sector as a speaker, presenter, teacher, MC and across a number of other positions throughout Australia. With a seven-year track record in delivering high quality workshops based around increasing people’s awareness about how to communicate with people who have disabilities, Thomas’ professional insights is real, honest and, at times, confronting. His infectious laughter and confident personality put people at ease and he takes risks to have the conversations others won’t have.

Thomas spent the past five years developing a theatre production called someone like Thomas Banks, a one-man integrated technology show based around his personal experiences as a gay man with a disability. The show premiered in October 2015 in Melbourne and is touring throughout Australia until 2018.

In February 2015, Thomas founded and established Centre for Access, a disability awareness training business, to address the need for specialised disability awareness workshops in Australia. Thomas delivered more than 25 workshops in 12 months to a variety of businesses, schools, corporate organisations and community groups to increase their knowledge and understanding about people who have disabilities.

Joan McGovern

Community Relations and Corporate Communications

Joan McGovern’s career spans journalism, public relations and corporate affairs. Her expertise covers a range of skills and expertise including stakeholder relationship development, issues management, internal and external communications.

After 15 years in print, radio and TV news, Joan established her own PR company before shifting from Tasmania to Victoria to take up a strategic communication role at the then Australian Wheat Board until 1999.

A brief stint at a larger PR company in Melbourne was followed by a shift to the Geelong region and Alcoa before taking up a role at the Shell Geelong Refinery. During her 10 years at Shell there she was responsible for restoring the refinery’s reputation and relationships with its community. Joan managed the stakeholder relationships through the sale of the Shell refinery, after which she resigned to work on her family business.