Leading Change Program

Leading Change Program

Accountability, Collaboration, Results, Growth.

Course overview:

A behaviour-based development program enabling your leaders to lead change more effectively with their teams.

Organisations are experiencing more volatility than ever. Leaders need enhanced skills to manage multiple changes and to lead those changes effectively with their teams.  The key to competence is behaviours but changing behaviours is a very personal journey and takes time. Our program incorporates up to one full day in the classroom and more time for coaching and developing the individual on-the-job in the behaviours that matter to them.


  • Neuroscience and positive psychology basis
  • Change Leader Behaviours Framework & Assessment Approach
  • High personalised development and feedback orientation through use of measurement tools and personalised coaching
  • Managing transitions, emotions and resistance
  • Techniques to help engage teams in change

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding of responses to change
  • Increased awareness of self with respect to leading change
  • Development of new leading change behaviours


Note: workshop can be half to full day, 16 participants per workshop.  Behaviour measurement pre and post workshop and 4 x telephone based coaching sessions.


Robin Miles – Managing Partner, The Geelong Consulting Group


+61 409 538 690