Negotiation, Collaboration and Positive Influence

Negotiation, Collaboration and Positive Influence.

The Geelong Consulting Group is proud to be partnership with Vantage Partners, to bring the Harvard Negotiation Project theory to Australia, along with best-selling books Getting to YES: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In and Difficult Conversations™: How to Discuss What Matters Most.*

We share with participants the way the world’s most successful influencers, negotiators and organisations can consistently get things done and achieve exceptional results.


Negotiation, Collaboration and Positive Influence skills are recognised as important, but few people know how to do it or do it well.

The Geelong Consulting Group is uniquely positioned to demystify what is involved, provide powerful tools and demonstrate the skills needed to get real achievements.

Do you understand your role as an influencer? We help you plan your approach to communicate your ideas positively and persuasively.

Everything we show you is easy to implement and, above all, designed to help you to be more effective immediately in every facet of life.

With a direct heritage from the Harvard Negotiation Project, Robin Miles has trained with the world’s best in bringing this theory into practice.

Working with international leaders, The Geelong Consulting Group has a regular program of global training commitments. We can share the processes, tools and skill-building that are provided to the most influential organisations around the world.

You and your team can learn the skills used by the world’s most successful influencers and negotiators to consistently achieve outstanding results.

* Other relevant published research from Vantage Partners includes:

  • Harvard Review Guide on Negotiation; Take the Lead, Manage Conflict, Get to Yes. Jeff Weiss, 2016
  • Want Collaboration? Accept and Actively Manage Conflict.  Jonathan Hughes and Jeff Weiss, Harvard Business Review, 2013.
  • Approaching Persuasion as Joint Problem-Solving.  Jonathan Hughes and Jessica Wadd, DILF Orienteering, February 2011.
  • Getting Past Yes: Negotiating as if Implementation Mattered. Danny Ertle, Harvard Business Review


  • Collaborate and achieve alignment among key stakeholders when there is disagreement on approaching a problem or challenge
  • Facilitate collaborative problem solving; including multiple perspectives and generating robust ideas
  • Implement more stable and workable agreements
  • Decode why people do (or don’t do) the things you want them to do
  • Understand your own default behaviors in conflict situations and leverage other skillful ways to navigate these situations
  • Recognise common negotiation dynamics and embedded assumptions
  • Use a structured principled approach to negotiation to define success and to prepare, conduct, and review negotiations enabling better business results
  • Manage difficult tactics and hard bargainers to keep negotiations on track

Suite of Programs

Negotiation programs – Internally and externally negotiating an optimal agreement whilst developing and enhancing relationships. Includes specialist programs in Advanced Negotiation & Mastery, Multi-party Negotiation and Sales Negotiation.

Influence – Influencing to get work done with and through others by adapting thinking and understanding.

Stakeholder and Customer Engagement – The skills, behaviors and mindset to effectively communicate influence and achieve improved outcomes with key stakeholders and customers.

Working effectively in a matrix organization – Operating efficiently in a complex business environment with multiple reporting lines, different geographies and competing demands.

Effective Communication & Managing Difficult Conversations – Communicating effectively when the topics are tough and the situation is charged.

Conflict Management – Embracing differences to find innovative solutions, stimulate organisational learning and strengthen relationships

Managing Change – Proactively managing the implementation of change within an organisation.

Leadership – Developing today’s and tomorrow’s leaders by cultivating the skills, behaviors and mindset required to exercise effective leadership.

Approach & Tailored Programs

In addition to the programs listed above we can tailor programs to suit your organisation’s needs from a content, timing and level perspective. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you where we adopt the following training approach to drive real results in your organisation.


All our training programs are highly interactive, with expert facilitators and practitioners. Below is a list of our common learning and development modes which we use across the programs:



Recent Projects

The Geelong Consulting Group facilitates and independently advises on a range of issue resolution and collaboration initiatives and we work with Vantage Partners to deliver training globally. Projects include:

  • Training the international Partners of Deloitte in Negotiation and Strategic Thinking.
  • Training Sanofi executives and senior managers with Influence Skills.
  • Lecturing in the Deakin Law School Capstone Unit on Negotiation and Positive Influence.
  • Creating a centre of excellence in the areas of injury and disability insurance.
  • Coordinating various unsolicited private sector infrastructure proposals to the Victorian State Government, including Transurban’s $6b Western Distributor Project.

About The Geelong Consulting Group Pty Ltd

The Geelong Consulting Group launched in 2015 with the bold intention to take position as Geelong’s leading management consultancy.

The Geelong Consulting Group enables teams to achieve excellence through strategic planning, building leadership capability, facilitating collaboration and communicating effectively.

Managing partners Stephanie Asher and Robin Miles have clients and associates around Australia and internationally and, as such, The Geelong Consulting Group offers broad and proven expertise with both a local and global focus.

With the mission to create value for organisations and individuals, our work is founded on ethical behaviour, collaboration, positive communication and influence.

We are sustainability-focused and always take a long-term view; the Group vision is to be recognised as the transformational leader in collaboration and collective excellence globally, proudly based in the Geelong region.