Recognising Bias

Recognising Bias

Understanding the power of inclusion and diversity.

Course overview:

To reap the benefits of diversity in the workplace, it is important to first understand the limits of bias. We all have biased viewpoints, developed during our lifetime, and that in itself is neither negative or positive.  The way those biases affect our decisions, recruitment, attitudes and working style is what is important.  More critically, being aware of those areas of ‘unconscious bias’ is the first step in influencing organisational improvement.

The Recognising Bias course equips participants with a new awareness of the types of bias we all carry, the skills to appreciate the impact of that bias and a detailed understanding of diversity benefits. In a workshop setting, participants develop practical ideas to improve awareness and create opportunities to increase diversity of thought, race, gender, sexuality, working styles, religion and attitudes.

The tools and insights from this course contributes to a culture of inclusion, acceptance and care that strengthens relationships and fosters talent development across the organisation.


  • Looking at the limits of stereotypes
  • Understanding types of unconscious bias
  • Considering structural gender barriers
  • Overcoming unconscious resistance
  • Why diversity matters – recruitment and development opportunities
  • Wrap-up and questions

Learning outcomes:

  • Appreciating the impact of stereotypes
  • Recognising bias in ourselves and others
  • Practical ways to address structural barriers
  • Understanding resistance and driving inclusion


A half day or full day course, led by a specialist facilitator. The program encompasses group and individual activities, with training and educational resources supplied.

Duration and participants:

Half day (4 hrs) or full day (8 hrs) with 12 maximum and no minimum number of participants required.


Stephanie Asher – Managing Partner, The Geelong Consulting Group

+61 417 033 856