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Building Effective Relationships

Building Effective Relationships

Connection is more important than content.

Course overview:

Successful organisations are built on effective relationships. Companies that focus on improving relationships across their organisation have a competitive advantage over others. They tap into the source of creativity and innovation by valuing the connections that bind organisations together.

The Building Effective Relationships course equips participants with the skills necessary to build openness, trust and rapport both internally between peers and management, and externally with clients and suppliers.


  • Being present and aware in conversations
  • The art of listening
  • Deep enquiry skills
  • The intent behind communication
  • Straight Talk
  • Breath support for an effective voice
  • Overcoming emotional barriers to open communication
  • Tension identification
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Building rapport
  • Wrap-up and questions

Learning outcomes:

  • Develop skills to become an effective listener
  • Become a more engaging and impactful speaker
  • Learn how to build rapport both face to face and via phone
  • Acquire the ability to connect and build relationships with anyone
  • Increase trust and authenticity in all your relationships
  • Understand how to bring out the best in people


A one day course, led by a specialist facilitator. Held onsite or at an alternative venue, the program encompasses group and individual activities. All training and educational resources are supplied.

Duration and participants:

One day (8 hrs) with 12 maximum and no minimum number of participants required.


Mark Lipkin – Senior Associate, The Geelong Consulting Group


+61 448 452 970

Change Health Check

Change Health Check

Assessing the impact of change.

We help you understand whether your project is in need of some “Change Rehab”.

Are those people the change is impacting engaged and ready to take on the change or are they turning the other way?

Is your leadership doing enough to lead this change in your organisation?


We provide a short review, or quality audit, checking off the following five areas:

  • Change impacts – what are you changing, who are you impacting and how significant a shift in behaviours and capability is it? Are any changes to roles required and are they being planned for?
  • Change ownership – who owns this change and is there enough ‘skin in the game’?
  • Change engagement – how engaged is the organisation in the change being made?
  • Change resources – how are you resourcing the change pre and post implementation?
  • Change strategy – how are you planning to make the change and how do you intend to measure success?


Following our assessment, we provide you with a set of recommendations to identify what people strategy your project requires or to ensure what you have started is effective.


A series of interviews with key project stakeholders nominated by you followed by a recommendations paper and/or presentation to your Change Sponsor and leadership team.


Robin Miles – Managing Partner, The Geelong Consulting Group


+61 409 538 690

Stephanie Asher – Speaker Kit

Stephanie Asher Speaker Kit 2016-1Download Stephanie Asher’s Speaker Profile Kit now to find out more about how she can help your business. Click on the image to download…

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