Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Learner-centred teaching methods for managers.

Never before have we seen workplaces so diverse, dynamic and fluid. As managers, we are often responsible for the introduction and smooth transition to the constantly changing conditions before us. Critically, we are commonly charged with balancing the human element of change alongside any new technical requirements, processes or systems.

We design a solution, specifically tailored to help you and your managers teach your people; a solution that significantly improves the likelihood of learning being correctly received, understood, accepted and sustained, to create the performance standards you require and expect.

To provide managers with a basic teaching methodology ideal for training staff in new processes and workplace competencies.


  • Start at the Start  (The Learner)
  • Disruption, not Distraction (Challenge the status-quo)
  • Sharks with frickin’ Lasers…. (Focus and Intent, Content and Context)
  • Learn to Fail, not Fail to Learn (learn from mistakes)
  • Flipping the Funnel (Open-ended learning)
  • Stitching it all together (Lesson Plans)
  • Review and wrap-up


A one-day course, led by a specialist facilitator. Held onsite or at an alternative venue, the program encompasses group and individual activities. All training and educational resources are supplied.

Duration and participants:

One day (8 hrs) with 4-12 participants required.


Brad Clarke – Senior Associate, The Geelong Consulting Group

+61 425 205 696